Arashi playing maids and exchanging noble stories ending up with Sho’s noble shoulders.




These Two (Aiba and Sakurai) in Arashi ni Shiyagare

According to investigation by us (this magazine), it is revealed that Aiba, who has the “gets bullied” character, “attacked” (picked on) Sakurai the most in the show. Also, as compared to the other members, Sakurai has the most body touch/contact with Aiba. One can see them getting high/fooling around like normal guy friends from a boys school.

(Translation not 100% correct)

Source: TV Guide 2011.06.27, jsyk.

Mar 10,2014
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What happened Sho?

Mar 10,2014
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Kageyama - On and off the camera

Mar 10,2014
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So I was watching NazoDi Kazamatsuri SP making of when suddenly Sho’s face did this thing.

Mar 7,2014
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The first thing Bambi did was pee on the floor. Oh puppy.. But he’s adorable. ;;

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